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Who are our programmes for?

When the world of social interactions feels confusing and unpredictable, the Social Skills Agency is here to help you to find the tools you need to thrive. At the Social Skills Agency, we offer learning programmes for children and young people (10-25 years old), who struggle with social communication –­ the introverted, the anxious, the lonely, the bullied and the over-enthusiastic. We specialise in supporting children and young people with Asperger’s Syndrome / autism.

Our social skills learning programmes

Music, drama, films, comics, Lego are not only lots of fun, but they are also amazing resources to develop emotional vocabulary and self-awareness. By using their passions as tools, young people will develop their social communication in a way they have never done before. At the Social Skills Agency, we offer music groups, drama clubs, film clubs, and much more. Your child will have the opportunity to share their interests with like-minded people and have fun while working on their social challenges and difficulties. Our groups and clubs are organised based on shared interests and the importance of focused, meaningful activities for individuals who struggle with social communication, particularly those on the Autism Spectrum.

Whether it be dinosaurs, Greek gods, pioneer girls, or airplane models, an Aspie’s special interest (…) is the most powerful way into our hearts and minds because something about that interest speaks volumes about our own self-concept.(…) There is no better way to let a child knows she is loved for exactly who she is” that when “you build upon a love that is already an intimate part of her. Jennifer Cook O’Toole. Asperkids. 2012

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If you are interested in finding out more about the clubs and groups we offer, or to register your interest, please contact us.

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