The Social Skills Agency

The Benefits of Social Skills Learning

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Theoretical model underpinning our clubs & groups approach:

Individual Level Benefits

Positive Mood

  • Enjoyment – releases stress
  • Reduced negativity – increased empathy

Sense of Achievement

  • Improved levels of commitment, concentration & perseverance

Increase in self-esteem

  • Positive feedback from others
  • Increased self-regard

Group Level Benefits

Goals reached through cooperation with others

  • Greater ease in group situations
  • Recognition of the rewards of positive group membership

Feeling of belonging with more trust and less antagonism

  • Participants are exposed to positive role-modelling
  • They experience supporting, positive relationships with facilitators – they feel safe and more able to trust others
  • Improved attitude towards others

School, Future Work Experience & Broader Community Benefits

Promotes constructive & cooperative behaviour

  • Listening & empathising
  • Sharing
  • Tolerating differences
  • Problem-solving
  • Increased awareness of the effect of behaviours on others

Building relationships with peers, family and community

  • Increased feelings of self-worth
  • Improvements in social participation in other learning situations
  • Improved school absenteeism
  • Increased levels of social confidence
  • Increased community connection